The Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) plays a leading role in local, national, and international special collections communities. As an RBMS sponsor, you will have a targeted reach, measurable returns, and access to our national network of rare books and manuscripts librarians. Strengthen your ties with special collections librarians and outshine your competition by becoming an RBMS Conference Sponsor.

New this year! As part of our commitment to sustainability for this conference, we are prioritizing creating meaningful experiences for our sponsors with less physical output (see revised Benefits). If you have new ideas, please reach out. We’d love to work with you. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Shannon K. Supple, Chair of RBMS.

Sponsorship Benefits

Folio Circle ($3,000 and up)

Quarto Circle ($1,500-$2,999)

  • Plenary Sessions – $2,500 each
  • Poster Sessions (includes refreshment break) – $2,000 each
    • Posters 1 (Claimed by Sotheby’s)
      • Activating Special Collections Resources for Climate Change Research
      • After the Low-Hanging Fruit Has Been Plucked: Archives in the Era of Costly Sustainability 
      • An Analysis of Archival References in Peer Reviewed History Journals
      • Endangered Caribbean Cultural Heritage: A Study of Climate Change Management Strategies in Three Jamaican Institutions
      • Preserving Archival Collections while Preserving the Environment: How Severn Library Has Reduced the Carbon Footprint of SCUA 
      • Silencing Sam: Starting Conversations about Institutional Racism in the First-Year Writing Classroom
    • Posters 2
      • Before the Black Action Movement: Recognizing African American Students at the University of Michigan 
      • Marine History for the Environment’s Future: The Archives of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science
      • Special Collections: Changing Climate on Sharing
      • Starting From Scratch: Using a New Start to Ensure We are Holding and Building Relevant Collections
      • The Tides They Are a-Changin’ : Using Data Mining Techniques to Uncover Environmental Histories within Special Collections Materials
      • A Universal Problem: A Case Study for Collecting and Engaging with the Records of a Displaced Community
    • Posters 3
      • Discovering Hidden Connections via SNAC Visualizations: Climate Thinkers and Their Cohorts, Expected and Unexpected
      • Mapping Manuscript Migrations – Using Linked Data to Connect Pre-modern Manuscripts Datasets
      • Preserving the History of the Heartland: The Race to Archive Iowa’s Historic Barns Against Climate Change
      • Scaling Up Special Collections: Student-curated Exhibits with Large Classes
      • Short-Term Staffing Solutions in Special Collections
      • Untold Stories: Using Local Histories, Newspapers, and Maps to Reveal Environmental Shift 
  • Workshop and Seminar – $1,500 (Claimed by Liber Antiquus Early Printed Books & Manuscripts)
  • Participant Driven Session and General Conference Support – $1,500 (Claimed by Swann Galleries)
  • General Conference Support $1,500 – $2,999

Octavo Circle ($750-$1,499)

  • RBMS Conference & Section Orientation – $1,250 (Claimed by Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers)
  • Delaware Day Transportation – $1,250 (Claimed by University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press)
  • Workshops – $750 each
    • Introduction to Rare Materials Cataloging for the Non-Cataloger (Claimed by Maggs Bros. Ltd.)
    • Putting Guidelines into Practice: Using Backwards Design to Develop Outcomes and Activities from the Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy (Claimed by Voyager Press Rare Books and Manuscripts)
    • Teaching Ecologies of Media (Claimed by Tavistock Books)
    • The Material Evidence in Incunabula (MEI) Database and American Collections: Bringing Together our Dispersed Cultural Heritage, brought to you in part by the Bibliographical Society of America and the Consortium for European Research Libraries (Claimed by Liber Antiquus Early Printed Books & Manuscripts)
  • Panel and Participant Driven Session – $900 (Claimed by Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare, LLC)
  • General Conference Support – $750-$1,499 (Thanks to Antiquariat Inlibris, Gilhofer, bookandpaperfairs.com, Bruce McKittrick Rare Books, Inc., and Langdon Manor Books, LLC)

Duodecimo Circle ($250 – $749)

  • Seminars – $600 each
    • Beyond Commerce: Encounters and Exchanges Between Academic Institutions and the Rare Book Trade (Claimed by Liber Antiquus Early Printed Books & Manuscripts)
    • Do Your Metrics Measure Up? Assessment & Implementing the New Standards for Public Services Statistics (Claimed by University of Michigan Library)
    • Ethical Outreach with Culturally-Sensitive Content: Practices, Provocation, and Power, brought to you in part by the RBMS Diversity Committee (Claimed by the Bibliographical Society of America)
    • Expanding the Special Collections Diversity Ecosystem Through Post-Bac Programs (Claimed by California Rare Book School)
    • Innovation and Inspiration from Outside the Academy: Learn about Operations at Diverse Collections to Inspire New Ideas (Claimed by brian cassidy, bookseller)
    • New Spaces for Old Things: The Realities of Renovation…Before, During and After
    • Radical Making: Creative Engagement and Special Collections (Claimed by Bromer Booksellers, Inc.)
    • Sustainable Approaches to Collections Stewardship in Uncertain Times (Claimed by Franklin Gilliam :: Rare Books)
    • We have Guidelines, Now What? Putting Primary Source Literacy into Practice in the Special Collections Classroom
  • Panel Sessions – $500 each
    • Building Resilience: Disaster Preparedness Training for Special Collections
    • Climate Change Changes Us: Collections Security in the Context of Natural Disasters
    • “Come Hell and High Water”: The Role of Archivists, Historical Myths, and Activism in Communities Facing Repeated Extreme Flooding Events
    • Documenting Vulnerable Cultural Heritage in the Great Bay Watershed: A Convergence of Archives, Technology, and Archaeology
    • Environmentally Sustainable Preservation of Physical and Digital Materials
    • The Folger Sustainable Preservation Environment Project
    • Geoscience re-interprets Special Collections related to Coal Mining, Natural Gas, and Oil Wells
    • The Limits to Growth (Claimed by Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare, LLC)
    • Looking Back; Moving Forward: Transportation and Civic Exhibition Planning Collections as Resources for Environmental Studies Scholarship
    • More than the Weather: Indigeneity, Race, and the Local Collection in the Age of Climate Change (Claimed by William Reese Company)
    • Papers on Fire and Earth
    • Papers on Social Justice and Climate Change
    • Papers on Storytelling and Longevity
    • Papers on Water and Air
    • Sounding the Depths: Documenting the Environment in Bicoastal Collections
    • Under the Weather: Strategies for planning and response to climate change for heritage organizations
  • Participant Driven Session – $400 each
    • Exhibitions and Loans: What is the Future, and is it Sustainable?
    • Management & Leadership in a Time of Cultural Climate Change
    • Organizing Outside of Bureaucracy (meets offsite at Red Emma’s, 1225 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD & Claimed by
      Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare, LLC)
    • STEM Teaching & Outreach + Special Collections: Climate Change (Claimed by Swann Galleries)
    • Sustainable Programming at our Conferences and Institutions
    • The Work of Leaving Work: How to Move Up, Leave, or Pause a Job Successfully
  • General Support $250 – $749 (Thanks to Northeast Document Conservation Center)