Sponsorship Benefits

RBMS provides broad visibility and recognition for donors at all levels. As part of our commitment to sustainability, RBMS invites sponsors to submit ads for the program book (based on your level of sponsorship) instead of producing additional promotional materials.

RBMS 2020 Benefits


($1,500 – $2,999)
($750- $1,499)
One complimentary RBMS Conference registration *      
Company logo on the conference homepage with hyperlink *      
Public recognition by name at a sponsored event *      
Hyperlink to your website on the conference sponsorship page * *    
Public recognition on the RBMS electronic discussion list (1,600+) * *    
Upgrade to full page ad in the conference program book * *    
A list of registrants (including mail and email address) * * *  
Half page ad in the conference program book     *  
Acknowledgment in the conference program book * * * *
Acknowledgement on the conference website sponsorship page * * * *
How to Submit Ads for the RBMS Program Book:
Ad Sizes Width Height  
Full Page 4.5″ 7.5″  
Half Page 4.5″ 3.5″  


Submission Instructions
  • Submit ad to Dawn Mueller Dmueller@ala.org no later than WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2020
  • PDF and JPG versions of your ad according to applicable size described above to ensure proper reproduction
  • All ads are black and white
Mechanical Tips
  • Trim size is 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Ensure that all fonts are Embedded, Compression is set to 300 dpi, and if given the option for the dpi printer, use 2400 dpi.
  • Image resolution of 300 dpi (or higher) is recommended for clarity. Ads with images using lower resolution may not print clearly.
  • Please preflight before submitting to avoid delays in production.