New Orleans Cocktails

By Patricia Nugent, Member of the Local Arrangements Committee

There is some debate about where the cocktail was invented, but New Orleans has a strong claim to honor.  Whether or not New Orleans invented the cocktail, there is proud mixological history here to be enjoyed.

Bar. Historic New Orleans Collection.

Serious cocktail aficionados have many potential ports of call, including the award-winning French 75 bar. Some of the best craft cocktail bars can be found here: https://punchdrink.com/articles/the-best-craft-cocktail-bars-in-new-orleans/.

Cocktail history surrounds you in New Orleans. Visit some historic bars and sample historic drinks, including the Sazerac, invented in New Orleans in the 1830s and still enjoyed around town today, especially in the historic Sazerac Bar.

The Sazerac Bar. Historic New Orleans Collection.

If you are looking to mix it up, consider going beyond the French Quarter to enjoy some fine drinking establishments around town.





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