Seminar G: Today’s Rare Materials: A 90-minute Bootcamp on Description and Access*

Seminar G: Today’s Rare Materials: A 90-minute Bootcamp on Description and Access*

Sponsored by Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare

The Bibliographic Standards Committee produces rules for descriptive cataloging of rare materials (DCRM). Many instructions and accompanying examples focus on early print and manuscript materials, but what do we do when faced with today’s rare materials? What are user needs and best practices for cataloging transient art materials, self-published music, artists’ books, zines, Web archives, digital humanities projects, oral histories, and research datasets – and how might these differ from materials traditionally collected by rare book, manuscript, and special collections libraries?

This lightning-round seminar will provide a bootcamp on description and access to today’s rare materials. Audience members will understand and be able to articulate challenges in providing access to today’s rare materials, and will gain a toolkit of solutions for cataloging and discovery.

Cataloging Tabletop Games for Special Collections, Elizabeth Hobart, Pennsylvania State University

Collaborative Cataloging for Comics and Artists’ BooksElizabeth B. McDaniel, Virginia Commonwealth University

Punching Nazis, or Nazis $x Violence against: Comic Books in RDA, Liz Adams and Lauren Reno, Duke University

Increasing Access to Print Ephemera in Manuscript and Archival CollectionsHonor Moody, Harvard University

Cataloging Zines and other alternative publications, Allison Jai O’Dell, Mercy for Animals

Cataloging Born Digital Online Collections, Michelle Mascaro, University of California, San Diego

Metadata for Web Archives, Aislinn Sotelo, University of California, San Diego

*This session will be recorded.