Seminar E: Data-driven practice*

21 Jun 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Mid West One Bank Meeting Room

Seminar E: Data-driven practice*

Sponsored by Tavistock Books

Assessment work and other associated activities have emerged as increasingly important areas of action, framed particularly by the joint SAA/RBMS taskforces and locally by the growing trend of administrative interest in data-driven decision-making practices. In the course of this seminar, we will work toward demonstrating how the profession is experiencing and integrating this work as part of our new business-as-usual mode. We will look at assessment projects ranging from lightweight agile initiatives to deep ongoing inquiries and use questions to dynamically explore a diversity of experiences and stimulate discussion. Topics such as how to build cultural support for assessment and integrated user experience, the usefulness of data beyond reporting, and the nuts and bolts of building both assessment projects and programs will be addressed.

Moderator: Emilie Hardman, Harvard University

*This session will be recorded.