Poster Session I and Beverage Break

Poster Session I and Beverage Break

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Guidelines for Poster Presenters

Rock Out with Your Checkout: Preserving Local Music Archives with the Help of Local Libraries
Frank Bridges, Rutgers University

This poster looks at the processes local music archives have to negotiate as “do-it-yourself” entities within established institutions. This project comes out of the work the author has experienced co-founding the New Brunswick Music Scene Archive housed at the Rutgers University’s Alexander Library.

Through an Extended Lens: Louisiana, Internment and the Geography of Chance
Sarah Simms, Louisiana State University; Hayley Johnson, Louisiana State University

Two librarians share their findings of Louisiana’s history of Japanese American internment during WWII, long forgotten except by those who experienced it.

From Shandong to Noyelle: Finding Traces of the WWI Chinese Labour Corps in Official Documentation
Jason Nisenson, University of Calgary

This is a case study in the ways in which military documentation can recoup lost perspectives; here, the experiences of members of the Chinese Labour Corps during WWI.

Convergence as “Cluster”: Art and History Meet in the Reading Room
Susan Falciani Maldonado, Muhlenberg College

While learning the history of the book, students create artists’ books inspired by volumes in special collections.

The Past, Present, and Future of Special Collections Library Literature
Melanie Griffin, University of South Florida

This poster session explores what we can learn about special collections librarianship as a profession through an aggregate consideration of our professional literature.

The Expert Upstairs: Developing Collaborative Workflows between Special Collections and Preservation Units
Katrina Windon, University of Arkansas; Mary Leverance, University of Arkansas

Preservation activities are inherent to the mission of a Special Collections Department, but Preservation units are not always so closely intertwined. Our poster will outline the work that’s being done by the heads of the Libraries’ Preservation Unit and Special Collections’ Collection Management Unit to develop workflows for transfer of materials, resource-sharing, and consultation. Identifying and strengthening the intersections and convergences of our training and job duties is essential for ensuring our collections get the highest level of care, while making the greatest use of institutional resources.