Participant-Driven: Security and Access: Conflicts and Convergences

Friday, June 22
8:30 am - 10:00 am

Participant-Driven: Security and Access: Conflicts and Convergences

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Continuing the conversation from the RBMS 2016 seminar, “Special Collections Security for the 21st Century: Trends, Tools, And Techniques”, and the RBMS 2017 session, “Let’s Be Honest: Speaking Openly about the Reality of Special Collections Security”, this session gives attendees the opportunity to speak frankly about institutional practices, and creates an environment where participants learn from colleagues’ varied experiences. Primary topics for discussion will revolve around the issues of:

  •    Security acting as a barrier to access
  •    Donor and VIP relations and security
  •    Security as it relates to collection movement and storage

These primary topics will encourage a deeper discussion around the conference theme of convergences: environmental and situational preparedness in our facilities, democratizing our materials while maintaining appropriate security guidelines, and inclusion of diverse perspectives and initiatives. The resulting discussion between members of our profession will help to inform the focus and work of the Security Committee for the year ahead.